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Welcome to Lenz Laborglas

With 100 employees, 80 years of company tradition, extensive know-how and
continuous endeavor for advanced solutions Lenz Laborglas is a leading manufacturer
of laboratory glass instruments worldwide.

Lenz laboratory glass instruments enjoy a fine reputation around the globe in the
chemical and pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, food industry,
biotechnology as well as in science and research.

With more than 10,000 standardized articles, we offer our customers an outstanding 
range of glass instruments. Our product range includes general laboratory accessories,
flasks, separating and dropping funnels, chromatographic columns, components and
condensers, extractors, water stills, reaction vessels and glass filtration instruments.

Besides our standard range and components we manufacture individual solutions on
tailor-made base. With our various processing and refining options, we are able to
optimize solutions to your requirements.

Glassware for manipulators as ground joints, stopcocks, tubing connectors and flasks
top off our product range.

The production of our laboratory glass instruments is determined by state-of-the-art
process-technology. An attendant quality management system assures a constant 
product quality.

We feel obligated to the progress of modern technology and the growing demand
of our clients. Today and in the future.

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New in our product range
Flexible coupling for stirrers