Lenz® Range of Reaction Vessels

The Lenz® range of reaction vessels includes standard types of reactors without and with thermostatic jacket up to 30 litre capacity and fl ange size LF 200. The cylindrical vessels are also available with vacuum jacket.

Based on decades of experience and state-of-the-art production facilities we manufacture reaction vessels with highest precision. Beside the standard products shown in this catalogue, we additionally produce special custom made products according to customer's individual demands, with short delivery terms. We would be pleased to receive your inquiry with drawing or sample.

Product features of Lenz® reaction vessels
Various combinations possible
The vessels are suitable for vacuum purposes
  (not suitable for the use under positive pressure)
Available special models:
  – in stainless steel
  – coated
  – amber stained
  – with silver-plated vacuum jacket
Reaction vessels up to 6 litres, equipped with a 10 mm valve

Gefäße ab 10 Liter, Ventilöffnung 20 mm (mit federbelastetem Ventilstempel)
  (with twist-off safety device)
Reaction vessels 10 litres and bigger, equipped with a 20 mm valve
  (spring loaded)
 All valves are without dead-volume
 In addition to the glass parts we also deliver complete setups including
  framework, agitator motors, thermostat etc.

All measures are approximate. Technical specifi cations are subject to change without notice.