PUR coating

New: PUR coating, autoclavable

In a special process, the highly transparent polyurethane-based coating is applied in defined film thicknesses to glass components, irrespective of their shape. The coating provides protection from light, impacts and scratches in everyday laboratory operations. In the event of glass breakage, the coating provides protection from shattering and leakage. We provide PUR coating on most of our laboratory glassware on request.

Physical properties/resistances
Autoclavability   up to 121 °C, up to 2,05 bar (up to 100 cycles à 20 min)
Transmission   Adsorbtion up to approx. 380 nm
Temperature resistance    
Long-term heat resistance   up to 140 °C
Short-term heat resistance   up to 190 °C
Freezing resistance   up to -30 °C
Microwave resistance   yes

Chemische Eigenschaften/Resistenzen
Water   up to 100 °C
Organic solvents (room temperature/5 min. constant exposure)
Alcohol   yes
Acetone   yes
Tetra   yes
Anorganic acids/bases (room temperature/5 min. constant exposure)
Hydrochloric acid   up to 20%ig
Nitiric acid   up to 20%ig
Sulphuric soda   up to 20%ig
Caustic soda   up to 20%ig
Further restistances
Disinfectants   yes (customary)
Detergents   yes (customary)
Industrial/clinic washers   max. 95 °C (up to 50 cycles)
Household dishwashers   max. 65 °C (up to 50 cycles)

Test Certificates/Conformities
Increased impact resistance acc. to DIN 52337 and DIN EN 12600
Fire performance on glassware acc. to DIN 4102 part 1
Free of substances of Very High Concern acc. to the ECHA candidate list
  (status: 01.02.2010)
An appropriate coating is after its curing process physiologically harmless
  (status: 16.12.2009)

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